Q: With so many types of surfaces to choose from--plaster, pebble, Diamond Brite, Hydrazzo, River Rok, Colorquartz--which is best?

A: The best surface is the one that is correctly installed. The quality of the contractor, his finishers or applicators, and having the most up to date equipment is far more important to the durability and lasting appearance of a surface than the kind of surface you select. A poor pool contractor can ruin the best materials.

Q: How can I be certain my contractor has the expertise to do the job right?

A: Successfully refinishing a pool depends first and foremost on labor intensive prep work. There are no shortcuts to good prep work; it’s either done right or it isn’t. Unfortunately, poor workmanship often isn’t detectable until long after the contractor is paid. As a result, some contractors take shortcuts, particularly those who lowball estimates. Therefore, it's wise to select a contractor who has established a reputation for QUALITY and VALUE.

Q: What is the best way to comparison shop once I identify several reputable contractors?

A: Tell the contractors you have budgeted a certain amount to repair your pool and ask them to make recommendations. Tell them you’re looking for best results, not price shopping.  

Q:Will a darker bottom pool hold more warmth than a lighter bottom pool? 

A: Yes, anytime a pool is darker in color, it attracts more warmth from sunlight and extends your swim time.

Always be worth more than you're paid, and you will be successful.

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